AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector

AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector

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The AERO 455 panel mounted Pulse Oximeter and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector is a compact unit that conveniently mounts to the panel allowing pilots and crew to measure blood oxygen levels and heart rate along with cabin temperature, cabin altitude, and accurate CO detection in the cabin with display on an external unit. This TSO certified device is designed for owners and pilots of certified aircraft who require protection from the dangers of hypoxia while flying at altitude and from carbon monoxide in the cabin. 

The built-in pressure sensor reminds pilots when supplemental oxygen should be used at 10,000, 12,500, and 14,000 feet. If the CO levels climb above 50 ppm, a loud 85 dB audible warning will sound along with a flashing amber light. If CO levels climb above 99 ppm, the audible alarm and a flashing red light will be triggered. A RS-232 serial connection allows CO reporting and alerts to be displayed on a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD), and also engine monitoring products, as well as the AERO 55 display unit.

This Aero 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector (455101001R) has a round faceplate.
  • Built in carbon monoxide (CO) detector displays above 10 ppm
  • CO greater than 50 ppm triggers an alarm mode within five minutes
  • Internal fan for optimum CO sensing
  • Tone generator for headsets
  • Built-in pressure sensor provides cabin pressure altitude warnings at 10K, 12.5K and 14K feet; reminds pilots to check their SPO2 periodically based on cabin altitude
  • Pressure sensor tested up to 25,000 feet
  • RS-232 output reports CO levels, heart rate, cabin pressure, cabin temperature, and SPO2 blood oxygen level

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