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EVO II V2.0 Enterprise 640T

EVO II V2.0 Enterprise 640T

EVO II V2.0 Enterprise 640T


EVO II V2.0 Enterprise Dual 640T by Autel Robotics

Optimize your workflow with our toughest Evo II yet, bulked up with new accessories and camera features to meet the demands of professionals in every industry from firefighting to construction. 

With a foldable design that can be deployed in seconds  and easy to use controls that can be operated with a single hand, the Evo II Enterprise provides a surefire way to increase efficiency without increasing stress. 

Thermal Camera - 640x512 resolution, 13mm focal length, 1-8x zoom, 

High resolution imaging - 48 MP 1/2" CMOS sensor, Powerful telephoto zoom, up to 8x digital (max 4x lossless)

Video - 4K



7.9" Smart Controller

Ideal for : 

  •      Public safety
  •      Firefighting
  •      Traffic Supervision
  •      Search and Rescue
  •      Power Inspection
  •      Mapping

Mission Versatility - With an expanded selection of accessories at it's disposal, the Evo II Enterprise can evolve from a simple imaging tool to a multifunctional platform that can adapt to different scenarios. 

  • ADS-B Receiver
  • Predictive Target Tracking
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance
  • Reliable Data Encryption

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  • 42 min max flight time
  • 8 miles max transmission range
  • 44 mph max speed
  • 38 mph max wind resistance
  • 1/2-inch CMOS sensor, 8k 48 MP camera
  • 1-8x (Max 4x lossless zoom)
  • 640 x 512 sensor resolution
  • Operating temps 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F
  • Upward, Downward, Forward, Backward and Side Sensing system


Loudspeaker - Enables more effective on-site communication through long distance telephony and audio loops. Max 18W power, 120dB@1 m, 88dB @ 60m, 70db @ 110m. Adjustable angle range: 0-45 degrees.

Strobe - Indicate the location of the aircraft at night to avoid air traffic accidents. Average 1.6W. Controllable Range: 5,000m. Light intensity: Min 50cd, Mac 48cd.

Spotlight - Beams a powerful, long distance aerial light when searching or shooting at night. Max 35W, controllable range: 30m. Adjustable angle range: 0-90 degrees.

RTK Module (sold separately) - Provides centimeter-accurate positioning data and reduces electromagnetic interference.

  • Airframe 
  • Smart Controller - with charger and charging cable
  • Battery - 3
  • 110 V Battery Charger
  • 12V Car Charger
  • Speaker - Strobe - Searchlight accessories
  • Chest Strap
  • Attachment Port Cover
  • Propeller pairs - 4
  • 4-position Multi charging Hub
  • Hard Rugged Case