Insight RT 1 Mobile video streaming device

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Insight RT 1 by All Mobile Video (AMV)

Designed for the safety of first responders and commercial operators offering optimal tactical situational awareness. This real-time video streaming device is easy to use and delivers HD video streaming with sub-second latency.

Drones provide a powerful tool for assessing natural disasters and accident scenes as well as line and tower inspections and assessments, but video quality and latency have traditionally been a challenge. AMVision addresses this with a full-service solution that provides low latency streams on-demand via a totally secure private network.

The InsightRT1 encoder streams video signals via AMV’s secure datacenters. It is simple to use and will operate over any internet connection – via wifi adapter, bonded cellular system or ethernet connector. Once the operator starts the stream, any authorized user can view the video via Chrome browser on the desktop or Android device or Safari on an iOS device.

The InsightRT1 comes in three Options:

  1. Option1: Insight RT1 as described above.
  2. Option2: Insight RT1 built into a Pelican Hard Case. The Hard Case version is capable of switching between an AC or DC power source while active. (The unit will need to be powered for at least 3 minutes by either AC or DC power to charge the capacitor before a switch can be made live to switch the power.)
  3. Option3: Insight RT1 built into a Pelican Hard Case and including 2 Milwaukee M-18 battery attachments on the outside. (Batteries sold separately)

Note that a streaming and Maintenance license will need to be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis which can be added at the time of purchase ($120/month, $1,440/yr)

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99 percent via fully redundant infrastructure
  • Simple command center login
  • Access to live video streams for up to 10 users simultaneously in multiple locations
  • Dedicated, secure URL for viewing streams via internet browser on any device of choice
  • Uptime and transmission through battery changes
  • 24/7 coverage and support
  • Affordable terms for departments and companies of any size

This InsightRT1 video streaming gear is device agnostic. It will work with any kind of video signal in the formats listed below. It can capture full 10-bit quality YUV Video, and accepts the following video formats:

Ultra HD has a massive resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is four times the resolution of regular 1080HD. Although it is unlikely video will be streamed at this rate in the near future based on bandwidth restrictions of current technology. InsightRT1 is prepared to take advantage of the higher resolution as cellular technology improves.

Video Input to the InsightRT1 is via an HDMI connector.
An HDMI Output connector is also available to allow the video to be “looped through” and patched to an external source such as a monitor.


Streaming Service:
The InsightRT1 is simple to use.
After selecting the appropriate wifi connection and entering its password, the unit will power on and is ready to stream. The InsightRT1 will operate over any internet connection, either wifi adapter, a bonded cellular system or via ethernet connector.
The Operator (drone pilot, by way of example) connects the video feed from his/her display device (Crystal Sky) and attaches it to the InsightRT1 with a standard HDMI cable.
On powerup the device defaults to the “Start Stream” page. The Operator starts the stream by selecting “Start Stream”.
On the receive side, the streams can be viewed on any computer or Android device using the “Chrome” browser, or on iOS iPad or iPhone Safari will operate.
Upon engaging the “Start Stream” button all authorized users will be able to log in to the supplied login site with their user name and password. The screen provides quick indicators as to the status of the screen. If the stream indicator is solid red, it means the pilot has not yet powered up the device.
If the background is green and the letters are red, it means the InsightRT1 is powered on but not yet streaming. When it changes to Green and White, it means the device is powered on and streaming.
The user can click to view the stream and enlarge to full screen if desired.

The system administrator has the ability to add users with varying capabilities.
Admin User Viewer Plus User Viewer User

The “Viewer User” has no external control capability. Viewer Users only have access to view the stream on their selected device.

The Viewer Plus User has the ability to change the bit rate or the frame rate being transmitted from the InsightRT1. The importance of this control should not be underestimated. If an operator is in the field and the wifi signal is weak, AMV is allowing the viewers with permissions to change the bit rate of the signal allowing the stream to be more viewable (less pixilated) at their end. Generally, it should
be the incident commander that can make the bit rate change to the incoming signal, however, there may be incidents where a SWAT team commander may need to have priority over the administrator. This feature alleviates the pilot in the field from needing to make a change if requested by a commander.

The Administrator User has the ability to change bit rate and/or frame rate as well as the ability to create additional users and allow their privileges.
The Stream itself is delivered with less than one second of latency. Each site location will vary depending on the cellular service utilized, but generally speaking, we have found approximately ½ second of latency is the average. Additionally, if the viewer is experiencing drop outs or impaired quality, stream settings can be adjusted an either end to help in making the signal viewable.
Version.5 software is being released with all new units.
Version.5 includes a “Bandwidth Speed Test”, allowing a user in the field the ability to see what the wifi connection is providing in available bandwidth.

The USB ports are now available to record the incoming video feed.
Simply install a USB thumb drive in one of the slots and press the “Start Record” button.
It is important to hit “Stop Record” in order to SAVE the recording. That should take about 2-5 seconds. (IMPORTANT- If the thumb drive is removed without saving the recording will not be recoverable)
The recording will autosave should the available space reach 1% of space left on the drive.


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