Personal Floatation Device

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Self Inflating Rescue Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Life Jacket for Drone Deployment Water Rescue

This life jacket is intended for deployment by UAS/Drone. Lightweight at 1.6 lbs, the vest folds up small and then fully deploys upon immersion in water. Can be carried by DJI Inspire 1/2 and Matrice 100-200-210-series drones capable of deploying and handling payloads. CO2 Cartridge (included) quickly inflates to full capacity and buoyancy in 3-5 seconds. This PFD is a great addition to your arsenal of rescue items.

This device was tested with the Stork Drop system for Inspire 1/2 with excellent results. (Manufacturer's tip: To deploy, attach small tag line with D ring to vest and aircraft drop mechanism. Use at least 3" of 4 mm lead line between d rings so vest hangs below prop wash. Fly over your intended target and use your camera facing down to position aircraft.)  


  • Can be reused by replacing cartridge and water soluble disk.
  • Can be self inflated by victim with manual inflation.
  • Has rescue whistle to summon water based rescuer.
  • Can also be used with magnetic breakaway to ensure victim (if they grabbed it) will not pull aircraft

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