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Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station


Portable Power Station 200W, 146wh/42000mAh Backup Power Supply with 2- 110V AC Outlet, DC Output, 4 USB Output.

This portable AC power supply allows charging or provides power supply wherever you go for tablets, laptops, TV screens, RC Controllers, Lights and some DJI chargers. Ideal for working in the field or at home so you never run out of power. It’s a great backup during emergencies like hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.


  • Powered from AC wall outlet and reaching full charge in about 6~7 hours. (Charging power: DC 15V/2A)
  • Battery Management ​System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, current control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.
  • 12V Car Charger cable (not included) ( 8~9 hours Fully Charged)
  • 30~100 Watt Solar Panel (not included) Operating Voltage 18V. If Powered from 85W solar panel, the FLOUREON Power Station can be fully re-charged in about 3 hours or less in full / direct sun.
  • 4 USB Ports and Dual Outputs 120V AC Outputs
  • Capacity: 42000mAh
  • Built-in battery cell: 100% high quality lithium battery cells. The built-in fan will work automatically to cool down the battery during charging
  • Power indicator: LED indicator light shows the remaining battery


  • 200x46x145mm
  • Weight: Circa 3.3 Lbs


  • Charging power: DC15V/2A
  • Charging time: DC 15V 6~7 hours
  • USB output: USB1+USB2 5V-3.1A(Max),USB3+USB4 5V-3.1A(Max)
  • DC power: DC 9~12.6V/10A (Max)
  • AC power: AC120V/60Hz Pure sine wave output( IMPORTANT! AC output is customized according to different countries, areas. Please refer to the actual product)
  • AC Continuous Power Output: 200W
  • Peak Power Output: 250W
  • Working temperature: -20℃-60℃
  • Circle life: >500 times​