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Power Ray Marine Submersible Underwater Drone

Power Ray Marine Submersible Underwater Drone

Power Ray Marine Submersible Underwater Drone


The Power Ray "Wizard" drone is a submersible corded underwater craft that moves at a speed up to 1.5 m/s which is around 3-knots. Designed to operate in salt, fresh or chlorinated water this drone is a divable solution to those wishing to do underwater inspections or simply explore the aquatic world up to a depth of 98-ft.

On the front of the PowerRay are its camera and two adjustable LEDs; on the back are a tail LED and dual thrusters. There’s a port on the bottom for attaching the optional fish-finder module and an additional thruster. Sensors and sonar equipment aboard the drone can feed all kinds of data points, including the temperature of the water. The PowerRay sees in the dark at 1600 ISO, helped by its two 450 lumen lights. Onboard camera provides a 95-degree wide angle field of view. Record in 4K video or 12MP stills in bursts of 1/3/5 frames per second. ISO settings range from 100 to 1600. The aperture is fixed at f2.8, a wide open setting that works well in the dark underwater environment.

You can command your underwater robot by a wireless remote control that communicates to a base station. You can be within 32-ft of the base station. The base station is connected by a tether system to the drone. The cord is 229 feet long. Operators must be mindful to avoid snagging or tangling the tethered wire when navigating underwater. The tether does not provide battery power to the watercraft, only communications. It is rated to withstand 30kg of pressure. 

The drone weighs 8.3 lbs to provide stability in rough waters and is a neutrally buoyant craft. The PowerRay can be maneuvered by hand as you dive or snorkel, lighting the way and recording with its built-in camera so others on the surface can see what you see below.

This craft is equipped with a sonar to assist in locating fish and finding structures underwater. The sonar is removable, and can operate independently from the PowerRay drone. The fishfinder attracts fish with blue light. The drone has a bait dropper that can hold 2.4 oz of food. This unit also comes with VR goggles to increase the underwater experience.

Product highlights:

  • Underwater water drone with 4K camera, 30 fps, 12 megapixel
  • Photography modes: single shot, burst mode, interval mode
  • 95° wide angle viewing area
  • Vision+ 2 app provides 720p/30fps or 1080p/25 fps live view for Apple® and Android™ devices
  • Records to microSD card (not included)
  • Top speed 1.5 meters per sec (3-knots)
  • Depth capacity: ≤30m (98-ft)
  • Max ascend speed: ~0.78 knots (0.4m/s)
  • Max descend speed: ~0.58 knots (0.3m/s)
  • Two 450 lumen LED lights
  • 6,400mAh battery (power up to 4 hours in still waters at low speed)
  • Operating temperature: 14℉~122℉(-10℃~50℃)


  • PowerRay drone w/ Integrated 64 GB memory
  • Base Station
  • Controller
  • MultiFunction Charger
  • Tether Communication Cable (70-meters = 229-ft)
  • Cable Reel
  • PowerSeeker (Sonar / Fish Finder)
  • Magnetic Bait-Drop
  • Zeiss VR One+ Goggle set
  • Rugged, compact, cabin-sized carrying case

Dimensions and warranty:

  • 18.4" x 10.6" x 5"
  • weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 year