PT-1 PIPE TRACKER The sensitive, pinpointing magnetometer.

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The PT-1 is a sensitive, pinpointing magnetometer. It works equally well on land, and in fresh or salt water. The PT-1 was specifically designed to locate and track iron and steel pipelines and armored cables, but it will also detect all ferrous (iron/steel) targets buried under any kind of material, including concrete, with no loss in detection range.

The pipe tracker consists of a 3 foot long probe with an electronics box mounted on one end. In the tip of the probe is a sensor that measures changes in the magnetic field. Iron and steel objects create a distortion in the earth's magnetic field, and the pipe tracker detects these changes. The larger the object, the greater the field change. The PT-1 displays these changes with both audio alarm and a visual indicator.

The detector uses modified magnetometer technology to provide good sensitivity with easy pinpointing of targets. Though it does not have the long detection range of more powerful magnetometers, like our Proton 5 and Diver Mag 1, the PT-1 can pinpoint and track pipelines located near steel bridges and metal bulkheads which could be a problem for other magnetometers. The PT-1 not only tracks pipelines and armored cables, but it will also locate anchors, chains, dredge heads, weapons, explosive devices, and any other ferrous metal object within its detection range. Three different sensitivity settings assist the operator in determining the exact location of any target.

The PT-1 Pipe Tracker is powered by internal rechargeable batteries that power the system for 15 hours per charge. Off-the-shelf alkaline batteries can also be used if needed. The battery condition is displayed on the meter and a low battery indicator flashes when batteries need recharging.

The PT-1 comes with all the accessories needed to use the detector on land or dive to depths of over 200 feet. The standard package includes the Pipe Tracker, underwater earphone and land headphones, and AC and DC battery chargers. A JW Fishers Search Team hat is also included.

Commercial grade construction, 200 ft depth capability, audio and visual readout, audio jack with detachable earphones, rechargeable batteries, AC and DC chargers.

Detects iron and steel targets, pinpoints and tracks iron pipelines and armored cables and works equally well in salt or fresh water or on land.

The PT-1 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

  • Carry and Storage case: $395
  • Dual Underwater Earphones: $195


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