TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery

TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery

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The high-capacity, hot-swappable TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery lets operators change batteries without powering off, saving time during critical missions.

Matrice 300  (Two Batteries Required)
BS60 Battery Charging Station

Capacity: 5935 mAh
Voltage: 52.8 V
Battery Type: LiPo 12S
Energy: 274 Wh
Net Weight: Approx. 3 lb
Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F
Ideal Storage Temperature: 71.6°F to 86°F
Charging Temperature: -4° to 104° F (When the temperature is lower than 5°C, the self-heating function will be automatically enabled. Charging in a low temperature may shorten the lifetime of the battery)

Charging Time: Using BS60 Intelligent Battery Station: 220V input:60 minutes (fully charge two TB60 batteries), 30 minutes (charge two TB60 batteries from 20% to 90%) | 110V input:70 minutes (fully charge two TB60 batteries), 40 minutes (charge two TB60 batteries from 20% to 90%)

* Price listed is for Quantity 1 TB60 Battery


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