WW-3 Res-Q Whistle

WW-3 Res-Q Whistle

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The WW-3 Res-Q™ Whistle is developed for the U.S. Navy to locate over-board persons. This signal whistle produces a 102 dB, dual tone shrill that can be heard over long distances. The flat design prevents the whistle from holding water. Included is an 18-inch lanyard to attach to life jackets, rafts, and foul weather gear.

  • Loud 102 dB, dual tone, shrill is audible from long distances
  • The unique, flat design prevents the Res-Q™ Whistle from holding water
  • Required by SOLAS 83
  • Meets USCG/SOLAS requirements
  • Assists rescue teams in land or sea rescues
  • Use with life jackets, vests, foul weather gear, ring buoys, rafts, and keychains
  • Developed for the U.S. Navy and also used by NASA, major airlines and shipping companies
  • Includes an 18-inch lanyard

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