ARC High Intensity Cree LED Strobe Light

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Firehouse Technology "ARC" High Intensity Cree LED Strobe Light for Drones FAA 107.29 Compliant Fits all Quadcopters DJI Inspire 1, 2, Phantom, Typhoon, Mavic, Q500, Spark, RC Planes

Fully FAA 107.29 compliant for night flights. The "ARC" Cree® Professional Series Strobe is Firehouse’s brightest navigation strobe to date and the brightest self-contained strobe on the market at 600 Lumens. It now features 4 Cree lights in one unit and a new improved interface with 3 lighting modes, Strobe, Flash, and a fixed (solid) mode. It also has a charge indicator. 

It is available in White, Red, Green or Blue or Tri Color. The Tri- Color Model has a 2- White, a Red and a Green Strobe all in one unit that flash in sequence. The Cree bulbs are visible from well over 3SM which greatly helps in maintaining line of sight while in flight as well as finding lost drones. Works on all drones including the DJI Phantom, Mavics, Spark, DJI Inspire 1 2, Matrice, 3DR Solo, and others. It features a 250 mhr rechargeable battery which provides approximately 6 hours of run time (in strobe mode), and comes in a complete set with all you need to mount and fly. Fully self-contained rechargeable ARC requires no external or tapping into your drone’s battery or wiring. It has no impact on flight time or flight dynamics. The battery lasts 6 hours or more on a single charge and recharges via USB. 3M tape is included to mount it with ease.


  • Compliant with FAA 107.29 and CAA guidelines for night operations
  • 6 hours continuous operation with on-board battery. (in strobe mode)
  • 4 - Powerful Cree® Standalone LEDs in light
  • 3 Modes - Strobe, Flash, and Fixed 
  • Easy to use single button interface
  • Charge indicator light
  • MicroUSB charge cable just plug into usb port.(included)
  • Battery with internal overcharge and discharge protection.
  • Clear protective wrap prevent dust and water intrusion.
  • Comes complete with charge cable, 3M VHB mount tape and Arc strobe light


  • BATTERY: Plug in to USB, blinking is charging , steady (or off) is full charge.
  • ON/OFF: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn ON or OFF
  • MODES: Once the unit is turned on, it will default to strobe mode. To change modes tap the button. This will send it to Flash mode(slow steady flash) or Fixed Mode (solid light no flash). In the fixed mode battery life will be much shorter than in flash or strobe.

Notice from manufacturer: The battery includes its own PCM module. This module protects the battery from overcharge and discharge for long lifespan. If there is no life sign on the circuit when you press the button, probably discharge protection has activated because of low battery voltage. Just charge it.


  • Dimensions: 1" x 1.5" X 3/16"
  • Weight: 5gr
  • Current Consumption: <15mA per hour
  • Charge Port: MicroUSB
  • Lipo Battery - 250 mhr
  • Charge Time: ~2 hours



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