Financing Options

Influential Drones has partnered with Leaf and Ridge Commercial Capital, to offer nationwide financing options to those seeking funding assistance for unmanned programs and counter-drone detection equipment.

Influential Drones, is a services, training and sales company with a global footprint in the unmanned marketplace. The company is a federal contractor and an approved vendor for multiple states within the US.

Tax Exempt Financing is available for city, county and state government entities. Tax exempt financing obligations is not considered debt, but rather a current expense that does not impact a municipalities available debt limitations. Financing allows public entities to acquire equipment they need now, rather than wait until certain budget changes or the next fiscal year. Payments are subject to annual appropriations, which means the obligation is not subject to statutory debt limitations. Since no debt is created, the finance agreements do not require voter approval. Acquire Your Asset Without Acquiring Debt!      

Why Finance?
Preserve credit lines
No Liability on your credit
Potential tax savings

What Can Be Financed?
Unmanned Systems / Drones
Counter-drone Detection Equipment
Lights & Equipment Accessories
Compatible UAV Software Platforms
Installation and Configuration
Product Familiarization Training
Bi-Annual Recurrency Training
Asset Maintenance Plan

What is the Process?
(1) Get a Quote from Influential Drones
(2) Begin the Financing process
(3) Obtain funding decision typically the same day
(4) Finalize Quote w/ Influential Drones
(5) Sign Documents with Financing Partner
(6) Influential Drones Processes Order & Ships Your Equipment




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