Influential Drones is a company that is out in the field providing aerial services to customers large and small. We specialize in unique flight operations and those that require specialized equipment. Our daily operational service area includes New Jersey, Delaware, the Philadelphia Metro Area of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties) and the New York City Manhattan area. Influential Drones can support most any small unmanned aircraft opportunity anywhere in the world with advance notice, proper scheduling and flight mission coordination.

We have more than a dozen drones in our fleet and maintain a Nationwide Federal Airspace Waiver to perform sUAS operations at night (14 CFR 107.29) and over human beings at night (14 CFR 107.39). We have an additional Operating Certificate for agricultural operations (14 CFR § 137) and are licensed by the NJ EPA as a commercial pesticide business.

Our ability to work with multiple brands of equipment and implement them in various applications helps to solidify our knowledge and experience. Whether you work with Influential Drones through the FAASTeam Program (FAA's Safety Team), through our Training Courses or in the field, our subject matter experts deliver experience every time to make every mission we work on, a success!

Are you a Public Entity or Police/Fire Department, we can help you throughout any phase of your program's lifecycle. 

Outdoor Festivals and Events

Large and small gatherings, we are prepared. We are the company best equipped to operate safely in congested airspace and around crowds. We apply lessons learned from every flight mission we perform. We keep getting better and perfecting our flight operations. We discount for non-profits and also for top billing exposure for these opportunities.

Thermal Observations

High resolution infrared cameras can detect broken and problematic cells on solar panels. Thermal capable cameras can also help identify heat loss in a home, find water damage under shingles, siding, brick and stucco. Hot and cold spots are visible and help to detect missing people, identify stressed electrical equipment and so much more.

Tower Inspections

Safety is the primary reason drones should be used for high tower inspections. Our drones can be deployed in minutes. We can record video, capture photos or live stream what the drone sees to the experts back in your office or on the ground that know the asset best!

High-Rise City Buildings

Flying around high-rise city buildings can be a complicated task due to wind bouncing off the structures. We have the experience and knowledge to fly safe in these conditions and know how to properly minimize risk given pedestrians and vehicles that are moving in the area below.

Roof and Unsafe Structures

Somethings simply cannot be reached without scaffolding, bucket lifts and ladders. Steep pitched roofs, surfaces that are not load bearing and structures that are unsafe are perfect applications for drones! We can get eyes on target fast and in a cost effective manner without compromising safety.

NDVI Agricultural Observations

Using a specialized NDVI sensor, we can help identify troubled areas invisible to the eye! Our sensors measure chlorophyll levels and other data points to capture usable information that assists in identifying problem areas early on. This saves time & money while potentially improving crop yield.

Insurance Claims

There is nothing worse than an accident except maybe filing for an insurance claim. We have the ability to document property losses for adjusters, insurance companies and asset owners. Drones can reach flooded areas and locations difficult to reach on foot after disasters.

Aerial Applications

In accordance with federal EPA laws, we maintain a commercial pesticide applicator business license within the State of New Jersey to disperse pesticide / herbicide by drone! This offering is extremely specialized and beneficial for farmers as well as those seeking mosquito control, ornamental or turf property maintenance.

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Public Safety & Veteran Events

We are a community driven business that respects and appreciates the service of our active military, our veterans and also emergency management personnel. We provide a discount for community activities sponsored or coordinated by these organization.

Special Occasion "Wow" Shots

Let us enhance your special moment from the air in a discreet or obvious way. We will team with your event photographer or planner to make your occasion memorable!

Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Fly Overs

We know how to fly safe and coordinate with Pyrotechnic companies to document incredible fireworks displays without compromising the show, the venue or observers enjoying the presentation. 

Agricultural Crop Management

Precision Agriculture is the process of automating farm processes. We have experience crop counting, counting livestock and using drones for survey work. Some data captured can integrate with farm management systems.

Pollution and Environmental Monitoring

Drones offer the ability to provide a different vantage point, such as surveying land and water tables in a matter of minutes. Let us help you find trouble spots and issues which could impact the environment. Our fleet of drones can fly, land and float in water. We can optically penetrate areas with zoom lens, and other payloads such as thermal imagers and sensors. Tell us what problem you are trying to solve and let's see how we can work together. Discounts offered to volunteer environmental cleanup groups.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Did you know that the National Association of Realtors endorses the use of drones? This is because buyers and renters statistically start their real estate shopping online and are attracted to visually appealing content. We can perform this work locally or reach out to our network of skilled drone operators nationally to assist with this task. Stop taking MLS listing photos from the ground. Add aerial shots to show the best parts of the property you represent or manage. 

Traditional Aerial Photography

Sometimes you need to fly higher than a drone is permitted or you're operating in close proximity to other aircraft and a drone just won't work. We fall back on our foundation of flight experience in such situations. We will fly a manned aircraft above the site you need photos of and get the footage and angles you need with a DSLR camera.

3D Modeling, Surveying and Photogrammetry

3-Dimensional Modeling, Surveying and Photogrammetry offerings are possible through the software enhancement tools that we use. We can render a 3D model of a building, accident scene or asset you need documented. We can perform a survey to track volume, elevation and changes. We can accurately measure area and distance all from the air!

Construction Job Tracking

Time-lapse images, progress shots, job site aerials, street side traffic following, equipment monitoring, personnel tracking, precision measuring, site surveying as well as pre/post project documenting are all common uses of drones in the construction field. We can perform all these tasks with the equipment we have in house except LIDAR. 

Counter Drone Intelligence

Got a drone problem? Not sure if you need counter-drone equipment? We can help! We are an authorized dealer of DeDrone products and have a frequency scanner system in house! Give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you gather the information you need!

Aviation Outreach and Media Support

We provide aviation & STEM related assistance to organizations in need. We support the media in most opportunities that positively bring a focus to the manned and unmanned sides of the aviation industry. Influential Drones proudly supports Aviation Influence, a nonprofit organization that inspires young people to pursue their dreams in STEM fields. 

Animal Rescue - Volunteer Transport

We are proud to assist the Pilots N Paws non-profit organization in transporting rescued animals to their foster or forever homes. We use our own aircraft and coordinate with other pilots for this effort. Animal rescues should enter their transfer request on the Pilots N Paws website and than contact our office for assistance.


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