The National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed Test Methods that can be used to objectively evaluate and measure proficiency and control of the aircraft. 

Initially intended for public safety departments, this test series is affordable and standardizes training.

ASTM International through their Homeland Security Subcommittee created a Response Robots (E54.09) Report that standardized more than twenty test methods created by NIST. Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA), DroneResponders and the National Fire Protection Association have all adopted this methodology for Public Safety sUAS programs. The NFPA references this in the "Job Performance Requirements" section of the Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Used for Public Safety Operations (NFPA 2400).

"Emergency response organizations can quantitatively establish reliability and confidence during training before drones and remote pilots are deployed in real-life situations."

Public Safety Early Adopters

What's the best way to incorporate Standard Test Methods into a UAS program?

We recommend those with a desire to incorporate NIST to first watch this video on the website. This is an educational website administered by the FAA Safety Team.

If you don't have an account on, it's free to create! There are a few hundred aviation related courses online, most are free some are sUAS courses, some content was produced by Influential Drones!

We encourage everyone to create a free account and gain access to a free education. Please note that certain subjects and topics require hands on training or more time commitments than sitting through a virtual one hour online course.

This course video can also be found on the Influential Drones YouTube channel. NOTE: You will not get any credit on your account if you watch this video directly on YouTube, bypassing the FAA's website.

Will Influential Drones teach me?

Yes! Influential Drones team members are qualified as Instructors and Proctors for the NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods by the Airborne Public Safety Association. Course instruction blends standards with best practices for manned aviation. Manned aviation content is taught by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. This extra layer of instruction, further strengthens an organizations commitment towards the operation of a safe sUAS program. We understand some organizations need supervisory approval to keep their programs active. We feel strongly that education helps UAS programs operating in both the public and private sectors.  

We have the experience and can help draft standard operating procedure documents, policy documents, training manuals and safety management policies. Offerings include the Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilots, Open Lane APSA approved course, and other training programs which incorporate other NIST standard test methods. Group and Individual instruction, onsite instruction and customized training unique to operational needs are all options. Call to learn more, 856-281-7545.


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