sUAS Level 1-3 Test Method Open Lane Portable Set (NIST)

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Bring your training program up to standards with this portable sUAS Level 1-3 Omni Bucket set offered exclusively by Influential Drones. This kit includes one complete sUAS Open Lane Test Method kit, based on the standardized test methods developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A test method consists of: (1) an apparatus, that can be reproducible by others; (2) a procedure, that is repeatable to conduct test trials; and (3) performance metrics, which are quantitative and can be compared over time.


  • Acuity Targets (v2020B)
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 Laminated Scoresheets (v2020B)
  • Quart Sized 4" Black and White Buckets
  • Rust and Water Resistant Base
  • Tape Measurer and Digital Timer
  • Landing Pad (with space for your organization logo)
    * Organization Stickered Logo, Not Included in Kit

The sUAS Level 1-3 Open Lane test methods consist of five different flight paths that are designated for comprehensive evaluations. These methods are scalable and used to demonstrate positive control of a function within a robotic system. This grouping consists of 5 standard tests that use well defined altitudes, positions, orientations and perches. Each flight path has a scripted procedure and can be executed in its entirety or constrained by time. Test methods can be used to quantify and validate operator proficiency as well as system capability. When performed properly, this information is measurable and can be compared.

This kit is Made in the USA by public safety officers who are proficient in the standard. Quality control is provided by the Influential Drones team. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. All apparatus base is fabricated out of aluminum, unless otherwise specified. Case color will be yellow or orange. Each set is ready to use, out of the box. Compatible with IR Tools 4" NIST Drone Training Thermal products.


Standard test methods are simply agreed upon ways to objectively measure robot capabilities. They isolate certain robot requirements and enable repeatable testing. They are developed and validated through a consensus process with equal representation of users, developers, and test administrators.


Apparatus (or prop): A repeatable, reproducible, and inexpensive representation of tasks that the system is expected to perform. The apparatus should challenge the system with increasing difficulty or complexity and be easy to fabricate internationally to ensure all robots are measured similarly.

Procedure: A script for the system operator or test administrator to follow.

Metric: A quantitative way to measure the capability.

EXAMPLE: Completeness of 10 continuous repetitions of a task or distance traversed within an environmental condition within an elapsed time. A resulting rate in tasks/time or distance/time can then be calculated.

Fault Condition: A failure preventing the completion of the 10 or more continuous repetitions.

EXAMPLE: This could include an aircraft requiring maintenance or software issue at the remote operator control unit. All failures are catalogued to help identify recurring issues.

Qty 10: 4" Quart Sized Buckets, Pre-Stickered, Black
Qty 10: 4" Quart Sized Buckets, Pre-Stickered, White
Qty 4: Omni Bucket Apparatus, Metal Base
Qty 1: Landing Pad
Qty 1: 100-ft Fiberglass Tape Measure
Qty 1: Adhesive Tape 
Qty 3: Laminated Level 1, 2 & 3 Open Lane Test Method Scripts (v2020B)
Qty 1: Dry Erase Marker 
Qty 3: 3.5" Double Sided Acuity Target Discs
Qty 1: Digital Timer (Count Up or Down) with Remote and charging cables
Qty 1: Hardcase, orange or yellow
Qty 1: Product Liability Flyer

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Influential Drones encourages all interested in training to adopt the sUAS Standardized Test Methods created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As part of our role as a collaborating facility for test methods, we encourage those with an interest in building their own test methods to follow the approved fabrication guide below. The difference between our design and this design is portability. We use metal alloy and 4" buckets while this fabrication guide provides instruction using wood and 2 gallon buckets. Many combinations work, since test methods are scalable and universal. We offer a direct link to the fabrication guide for those who enjoy DIY projects.

Download NIST sUAS Open Lane Fabrication Guide (2020C) Instructions

Influential Drones can help train proctors and instructors on standardized test methods. We, along with the Regional Training Center and Airborne Public Safety Association, can qualify those to be proctors to a standard level of training. There is value in being qualified as a proctor by an organization who understands the test methods thoroughly. For additional information call the appropriate organization for details. 

For additional information call Influential Drones at 856-281-7545 or visit any of the following resources below:

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