FAA Certified Flight Instruction by Steven M Davis, the Director of Flight Operations and co-founder of Influential Drones! Steve is a CFI/I/MEI and an Advanced Ground Instructor. He offers hourly services in single and multi-engine aircraft. This is an offer for anyone with a desire to offer their first discovery flight to those seeking flight reviews and currency. Steve has helping many receive their initial certification, checkout for insurance requirements, and even those in pressurized turbo charged twin aircraft.

Fixed Wing Aircraft - Single Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument, Seaplane and Taildragger

Learn to Fly in Your Airplane or Ours!

  • Discovery flights, lessons and time building
  • Flight reviews, recurrency and proficiency 
  • Avionics instruction for VFR or IFR flights 
  • Ground instruction and reviews
  • Flight planning instruction

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