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The first 4G Connected drone in the UAV market is Parrot's ANAFI Ai model. Developed in partnership with Verizon. Provides professionals with features that really matter: 4G connectivity, 48 MP imagery, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and an open-source piloting application with a Secure Element for protection of both data and transmission control.

* Battery Not Included


  • Seamless 4G/Wi-Fi switching (4G Connectivity Supported)
  • 48 MP Camera
  • Camera supports 14 EV of dynamic range in HDR10 mode
  • 6x digital zoom to observe 1 cm details at a distance of 75m (246 ft)
  • Controllable gimbal tilt range (from -90 Degree to +90 Degree )
  • 6 axis gimbal (3-axis mechanical, 3-axis electronic) ensures sharp photos even in crosswinds of up to 12.7 m/s.
  • P-Log format allows professionals to retain more information with raw files.
  • Ready to fly in 60 seconds
  • Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
  • 1080p 30 fps live streaming
  • No interference near telecom towers
  • GPS, Glonass and Galileo Satellite navigation

ANAFI Ai itself does not require a subscription; users can utilize any SIM card capable of sending data. Parrot provides its users a secured infrastructure that works with all smartphones.

ANAFI Ai's biomimetic form factor mimics nature's fitness. Its swivel head has an omni-directional camera, ensuring precise obstacle avoidance in every flight direction. When obstacles are detected, ANAFI Ai automatically determines the best trajectory to pursue its mission.

48 MP sensor delivers survey-grade accurate 2D and 3D models. It offers the same precision as drones with a 1" 20MP sensor, while flying 1.8 times higher. A GSD of 0.46 cm/px is obtained at an altitude of 30 m. Pictures can be captured at 1fps, 2x faster than any other drone in the market.

ANAFI Ai images are compatible with all photogrammetry software suites. With PIX4D, the market leader in photogrammetry software, Parrot has pushed the integration one step further. During the flight, ANAFI Ai sends the pictures to PIX4Dcloud directly. Computation starts when the drone lands so that professionals gain productivity by avoiding manual time-consuming data transfer.

With the launch of ANAFI Ai, Parrot strengthens its Software Development Kit (SDK) by open-sourcing the 7th version of its FreeFlight ground control station application
• Air SDK: provides a breakthrough technological architecture to run code directly on ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom-designed autonomous flight missions by accessing all drone sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot features.
• Ground SDK: allows developers to create iOS and Android mobile applications for Parrot drones. All the features of the drone (control, video, settings) are accessible.
• OpenFlight: the open-source core of FreeFlight 7 application. Developers can focus on adding their own features and immediately get a professional-looking App ready to be published on the application stores.
• Sphinx: enables developers to test their algorithm and flight strategy in a photorealistic 3D simulation environment running through Unreal Engine, with accurate physical interaction.

AirData, DroneLogBook, DroneSense, QGroundControl, UgCS, Survae, Pix4D, Rapid Imaging, Textron Systems Imaging, Reveal Technologies, and more. 

ANAFI Ai embeds a WISeKey Secure Element which is NIST FIPS140-2 Level 3 compliant and Common Criteria EAL5+ certified.

The Secure Element
• performs cryptographic operations.
• stores and protects sensitive information.
• protects the integrity of the embedded software.
• provides a unique identity to the drone for 4G pairing and strong authentication.
• features a unique digital signing of the pictures taken by the drone.

Users have full control over their data. No data is shared by default without the user's express consent. ANAFI Ai is compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in some cases goes even further. For example, users can delete all data with 1-Click, easily maintaining control over what is stored.

A bug bounty program is currently running in partnership with YesWeHack, the first European crowdsourced security platform. Parrot benefits from their vast community of cybersecurity researchers to identify potential vulnerabilities in its drones, mobile applications and WebServices.

By its design, Parrot's new Skycontroller 4 is a milestone for the industry. Cumbersome cables are no longer required, and it enables the use of an iPad mini and all large smartphones. The controller also features an HDMI output, which allows streaming videos from ANAFI Ai.

• Size folded: 304x130x118 mm
• Size unfolded: 320x440x118 mm
• Weight: 898 g / 1.98 lb
• Ready to fly in 60 seconds
• Maximum flight time: 32 minutes
• Maximum horizontal speed: 17 m/s – 38 mph
• Maximum vertical speed: 4 m/s – 9 mph
• Maximum wind resistance: 14 m/s – 31.3 mph
during flight & 12 m/s – 26.8 mph during take-off
and landing
• Maximum propeller speed: 12,000 rpm
• Service ceiling: 5,000 m (above sea level)
• Operating temperature: +14 °F (-10 °C)
to +104 °F (+40 °C)
• IP53 certified: dust and rain resistant
• Noise emission at 1 m (3 ft): 81 dB
• MicroSD and SIM card slots

• Sensor: 1/2’’ 48 MP CMOS
• Dynamic range: 14 EV in HDR mode
• Optical LD-ASPH (low dispersion aspheric lens):
- Aperture: f/2.0
- 35mm focal equivalent: 24 mm
- Depth of field: 4.5 m to ∞
• ISO range: 50 – 6400
• Shutter speed: 1 s to 1/10,000 s
• Zoom: 6x – lossless: up to 4x(1080p) & 2x (4K UHD)
• 6-axis stabilization:
- Mechanical: 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
- Electronic (EIS): 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
• Gimbal tilt range: -90° to +90°

• Format: MP4 (H.264, H.265)
• Resolutions:
- 4K UHD: 3840x2160
- 1080p: 1920x1080
• Framerates:
- 4K UHD: 24/25/30 fps
- 1080p: 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps
- HDR 10: 4K UHD/1080p - 24/25/30 fps
- HDR 8: 4K UHD/1080p - 24/25/30 fps
• Horizontal field of view (HFOV): 68°
• Maximum video bandwidth: 200 Mbps
• P-log for professional video editing

• Formats: JPEG, DNG (Digital NeGative RAW)
• Resolution: 48 MP (8000x6000), 12 MP (4000x3000)
• Horizontal field of view (HFOV): 73° (Wide),
69° (Wide with EIS), 65° (Rectilinear with EIS)
• Modes: Single, Bracketing, Burst (10 fps),
Panorama (4 formats), Time-lapse, GPS-lapse

• Seamless 4G/WiFi switching
• Files Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
• 1080p 30 fps live streaming
• No interference near telecom towers

• Satellite navigation: GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO
• Vertical camera & Time of Flight
• Barometer and magnetometer
• 2 x 6-axis inertial units (flight and camera)
• 2 x 3-axis accelerometers
• 2 x 3-axis gyroscopes
• Stereoscopic cameras mounted on a 311° rotating
gimbal (-107° to +204°) for obstacle avoidance
• AI trajectory optimization system
• Indoor flight

• Photogrammetry: Grid, Double grid, Orbit, 1-Click
• Flight Plan: multiple Waypoints and Points Of Interest
• Cameraman: automatic framing with visual tracking
• Smart RTH: customable return altitude
• Vehicle: flight adapted to controller location reference
• Zero data shared without user consent
• FIPS140-2 compliant and CC EAL5+
certified Secure Elements
• Strong authentication for 4G
• Digitally signed pictures
• Transparency and Bug bounty continuous
security check

• Size without terminal: 238x147x55 mm
• Maximum size: 315x147x55 mm
• Weight: 606 g /1.34 lb
• Transmission system: WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n & 4G
• Operating frequencies: 2.4 – 5 GHz
• Direct video stream resolution: 1080p
• Battery capacity: 3,350 mAh 7.2 V
• Compatible with all smartphones and tablets up to 8’’
• Charges smartphones and tablets
• Ports: 2xUSB-C (charging and connecting), micro-HDMI
• IP5X certified: dust resistant

• Type: High density LiPo (262 Wh/kg)
• Capacity: 6,800 mAh 4.4 V
• Charging port: USB-C
• Weight: 366 g / 0.81 lb
• Maximum charging power: 45 W

• Free App, no subscription fee
• Available on the App Store
• Compatible with iOS 12 and higher
• 3 free 3D models, courtesy of Pix4Dcloud

• Air SDK: onboard coding capabilities
• Ground SDK: iOS App development kit
• OpenFlight: open-source core of FreeFlight 7
• Sphinx: 3D photorealistic simulator
• Olympe: Python controller programming interface
• PDrAW: video & metadata toolset

ANAFI Ai drone, Parrot Skycontroller 4, Hard Case, International USB-PD fast charger, 2x USB-C to USB-C cables (charge and pairing), 2x USB-C to Lightning cables (connection to iOS devices), extra set of propeller blades, gimbal guard, user documents


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