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 Influential Drones LLC is an Aerial Imagery business that specializes in 24-hour commercial flight operations using both manned and unmanned aircraft. Drones, otherwise known as “unmanned vehicles” are often preferred for missions that are “repetitive, dull, hazardous, scientific and dirty”. Drones have the ability to operate in areas too dangerous for human life, as well as survey areas where safety may be an issue. Drones can be remotely controlled and quickly deployed so are becoming the choice for all tasks that are costly and time sensitive.

We are proud to be subject matter experts in aviation safety and be a part of the FAASTeam (FAA's Safety Team).

The company participates in many aspects of the Aviation industry and provides the following offerings to its customers: (1) Training, (2) Services, (3) Sales (Drones, Software, Counter-drone systems).

Whether your project is custom or routine, large or small, domestic or international, Influential Drones has the expertise to help meet your goals. Our rates are by the hour, day or can be on certain conditions by the job. We are negotiable and priced competitively to service you within your budget.



Dr Steven M Davis

Dave Krause

Emily Hines

Russ Cote, Esq