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Influential Drones LLC is an Aerial Imagery business that specializes in 24-hour commercial flight operations primarily using drones, and secondarily through the use of airplanes. Drones, otherwise known as “unmanned vehicles” are often preferred for missions that are “repetitive, dull, hazardous, scientific and dirty”. Drones have the ability to operate in areas too dangerous for human life, as well as survey areas where safety may be an issue. Drones can be remotely controlled and quickly deployed so are becoming the choice for all tasks that are costly and time sensitive.

Service offerings include: Flight Courses by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Consulting, Surveying, 3D Mapping, Inspections, Thermal Observations, Environmental/Wildlife Monitoring, Agricultural Farm/Livestock Services, Insurance Claim Documentation, Real Estate Photography, Sports/Hobby/Event Photography and Videography. Post-production editing is performed in-house.

Influential Drones are authorized dealers/resellers of drones, software and counterdrone hardware.

Whether your project is custom or routine, large or small, domestic or international, Influential Drones LLC has the expertise to help meet your goals. Our rates are by the hour, day or can be on certain conditions by the job. We are negotiable and priced competitively fair to service you within your budget. We can meet short deadlines. We can perform day or night missions. We know how to operate safely and legally in all airspaces. We constantly update our equipment as technology changes.


Meet Dave Krause MBA and Steven M Davis DMD, CFI/I/MEI (left to right), the co-owners of Influential Drones LLC, Lumberton NJ USA. Both men are (part 107) commercial drone pilots and commercially insured for worldwide flight operations. Both have OSHA Safety-10 certification and TSA TWIC security cards (granting them unescorted access to secure areas around coastal ports, bridges, tunnels and railways within the United States.).

Steve is a (part 61) commercial airplane pilot with over 20-years experience in aviation and aerial imagery. He is an FAA certified flight instructor with commercial, instrument, tailwheel, seaplane and multi engine ratings. Steve is adventurous, modest, disciplined and honest. An achieved martial arts black belt. A businessman who loves to learn while keeping his proficiency sharp. Steve’s knowledge extends into the fields of video post-production, music production and beyond.

Dave is a (part 61) student with over 40 flight-hrs as the pilot in command of an airplane. He has a AWR-345 (UAS in Disaster Mgmt) FEMA certificate by the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium, Univ of Hawaii. Dave is a certified project manager and an accomplished software architect with numerous technical certifications. Dave is passive, honest and adventurous. A fast thinking businessman, willing to compromise and take unknown calculated risks. Dave’s experience qualifies him for several specialties including infrastructure and construction.

Both men are subject matter experts in regards to drones and drone safety. They are representatives of the FAA's FAASTeam, which promotes aviation safety. They are active in non-profit activities regarding animals and conservation, flying often for the “Pilots N’ Paws” organization.