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Influential Drones is an integration company, focused on providing exceptional value to those who seek to leverage mobile robotic systems. Our mission is to: help those we serve unleash their ability to use small uncrewed systems, through service work or expert guidance, to purchase and maintain their own safe and successful independent programs.

 Our primary specialty is in aviation and uncrewed platforms. We help our customers realize the potential value these systems provide through dynamic user experiences as an all-encompassing company.

 We offer our clients two personalized pathways of engagement. These pathways were formed in response to demand.

  1. The first is the Pathway to Discovery, which involves our qualified team capturing the data sought under a single contract or as part of master services agreement.
  2. The second is the Pathway to Learning, which involves a Customer Success Representative creating a personalized custom package which fits the end user’s exact needs in the most competitively priced and time efficient way.

We are headquartered in Marlton New Jersey, near the major roadways. Our office is 30 minutes from Philadelphia, 1 hour from Atlantic City, 2 hours from both Baltimore and New York City and roughly 3 hours from Washington DC.

Data collection services primarily involve aerial flight missions executed safely, day or night, sometimes over people. The company is experienced in complex tasks and operations, able to identify hazards and mitigate risk to capture and collect what each customer requires. The FAA has granted Influential Drones a special operating certificate to perform agricultural spraying and seed spreading using a sUAS under Part 137 rules, these missions are more advanced than Part 107 flight missions.Influential Drones has earned a credential from the EPA to disperse chemicals by air using a drone, it maintains a commercial pesticide applicator license to perform agricultural flights in the State of New Jersey.

We believe it's important to share our knowledge with our customers. Our team possesses real world subject matter experience, is skilled, proficient, maintains currency and is qualified to educate or consult to help those in need.

An FAA Certified Flight and Advanced Ground Instructor is on staff. All staff have logged flight hours flying fixed wing aircraft under Part 61 rules. We are qualified to proctor and instruct the NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods for Open, Obstructed and Confined Lanes and Scenarios. Customized hands-on training and classroom instruction helps customers understand equipment capability and limits and improves both confidence and flight proficiency. We can provide educational anywhere in the world, thanks to our strategic partners who team with us to provide various levels of assistance virtually, in-person at a customer's preferred location, locally at one of our partner's locations, or in New Jersey at our training facility which offers both indoor and outdoor flight activities.

We listen to carefully to our customers, and form relationships throughout the industry to address their needs. We work with, can sell and fulfill over 90 different manufacturered brands. This enables Influential Drones to create unique custom packages to maximize customer savings as a one-stop source of aerial, ground and aquatic equipment. We can event source counter-drone detection equipment. We know how to expertly pair compatible systems with new or old existing equipment. Ask us about lighting solutions, add-on accessories, software programs, power systems, safety recovery platforms,  insurance plans and consider asking us to bundle in training!

Influential Drones proudly maintains a high customer service rating by listening and responding to personalized customer needs. We remain vendor neutral and unbiased by not stocking inventory. We are not bound to sales quotas or targeted performance requirements by any manufacturer. We will listen, ask questions and recommend a product that fits your needs. Most of the products we source ship the same day!

Influential Drones supports customers around the world. We accept purchase orders from U.S. public entities and can provide financing in cooperation with our partners. We are a value-driven company that puts the needs of our customers nearest to the core of our business strategy.

Our company Values stress the importance of professionalism, commitment, excellence, innovation towards advancement and fun. We encourage all avenues of impactful creativity which benefit those we serve.


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We are honored to be recognized as an Industry Member with the FAA's Safety Team (FAAST). Through this program, members of Influential Drones volunteer time to help the community through education outreach work and advocacy for the acceptance of an aviation safety customer all across the United States!

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