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Influential Drones is an integration company that provides aerial services, sales, training and consulting offerings to global customers. Headquartered at South Jersey Regional Airport, the group includes an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, as well as commercial pilots of manned aircraft and remote operators of unmanned drones.

Aerial services consist of flight operations executed safely, day or night as well as over people. The business is licensed to disperse chemicals by drone in the State of New Jersey. It has an operating certificate. Training and consulting is provided by a team of subject matter experts and strategic partners who are specialists in the aviation, software, technology and public safety sectors.

Influential Drones values relationships. It is authorized to sell from over 90 different manufacturers, considered a one-stop source for drones, lighting, accessories, software and counter-drone equipment. The company proudly maintains a high customer service rating by providing a personal buying experience which includes pre and post purchase support. To remain neutral and unbiased for the benefit of it's customers, the company does not hold inventory. Influential Drones is registered as a vendor in every state, can provide financing through its partners, and does accept purchase orders.

The business is honored to be the only drone company named as an Industry Member for the FAA's Safety Team (FAAST). Through this program, members of the company educate, promote and advocate for aviation safety all across the United States.

Influential Drones has a sitting position in the National Business Aviation Association's (NBAA) Emerging Technologies Committee, CompTIA's Drone Advisory Council. and the Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA) advisory board. The company also participates in TaskGroups assigned to provide recommendations to the FAA's Drone Advisory Committee (DAC).

Influential Drones has memberships and associations with various industry groups and actively is involved in philanthropy.



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Dave Krause

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