Bush Pilot Duffel Bag

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Bush Pilot Duffel Bag by Flight Outfitters

**Note: due to shipment delays from overseas, this product may take several weeks if not months to arrive in the US! Please call for availability if you are on a tight timeline**

The Bush Pilot bag is canvas with leather accents, and carries an embossed leather Flight Outfitters patch on the front. 


Weight (empty): 3.5 lbs.
External: 19″h x 9″w x 12″d
Main internal pocket: 14″ h x 8″w x 11″d


  • Orange interior, making it easy to find gear in a dark cockpit
  • Two large padded side pockets for headsets
  • Large front zip pocket has 4 organization pockets (for chargers and other smaller items that tend to find their way to the bottom of other bags)
  • Has a pass through strap on the back to slide over rolling luggage handles and a leather shoulder strap pad



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