"Dual" High Intensity Strobe Light

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"Dual" High Intensity Strobe Light for Drones FAA 107 Compliant by Firehouse Technology

The new Dual has TWO 5 watt High Intensity Cree strobes that output 300 Lumensin, and is fully standalone with the largest rechargeable lipo battery (90 Mhr) in its class. It will work on ANY Drone, or RC aircraft model and helps to determine flight orientation and find lost drones.  A water-resistant cover protects the circuit and is water/dust resistant. It comes complete with 1- Dual Strobe (white, red, green or blue), Special 3M mounting tape and USB charge cord.  You may also like to consider the new ARC series lights that have multiple Cree LEDs on-board and are significantly brighter

This product is compatible with FAA 107 and CAA guidelines for twilight and night flights. The manufacturer recommends that you mount two Cree strobes, one on top and one on the bottom of the aircraft for 360-degree coverage when using the smaller single strobes. This set up aids the pilot on the ground to maintain visual contact with the aircraft. For professional use please check out the new ARC series lights that have multiple Cree LEDs on board and are significantly brighter.


  • Compliant with FAA 107.29 and CAA guidelines for night operations.
  • 3 modes (strobe, flash and fixed) with easy to use single button interface.
  • 3+ hours continuous operation with onboard battery.
  • Powerful Cree® Standalone LED.
  • No Cabling or wiring required.
  • On board battery status and charge indicator system.
  • Battery with internal overcharge and discharge protection.
  • Clear protective wrap prevents dust and water intrusion.
  • Comes complete with Micro-USB charge cable and strobe light and special 3M vhb all-weather mount tape


ON/OFF: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn ON or OFF

Tap Button to change mode, Strobe, Flash or Fixed (Spotlight) 

CHARGE: Plug it to any micro USB charger or computer port when charging required, charges full in 2 hours or less, overcharge protection so you can’t overcharge. Blink is charging, fixed solid full charge!

Run time 2 hours. charge quick charge function between flights will extend life

​Notice from manufacturer: The battery includes its own PCM module. This module protects the battery from overcharge and discharge for long lifespan. If there is no life sign on the circuit when you press the button, probably discharge protection has activated because of low battery voltage. Just charge it.


  • Dimensions: 22mm x 18mm x 10mm (.5”x.75”)
  • Weight: 4gr
  • Current Consumption: <15mA per hour
  • Charge Port: MicroUSB
  • Charge Current: 40mA max.
  • Charge Time: ~2 hours
  • Battery Type: 90mA LiPo Battery with safe and reliable PCM circuit.

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