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DJI Intelligent Flight Battery 

The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Mini 4 Pro is an essential accessory for the Mini 4 Pro. It has 2590 mAh of capacity, which provides up to 34 minutes of flight time on a full charge. When recharging the battery with the optional 30W USB-C charger, a full charge takes up to 58 minutes when the battery is inserted into the optional two-way charging hub, or up to 70 minutes when left inside the drone.

 DJI Intelligent Flight Battery Plus 

Provides a max flight time of 45 minutes (Mini 4 Pro)/47 minutes (Mini 3 Pro)/51 minutes (Mini 3)*. 

Also Compatible with: 

- Mini 4 Pro 

- Mini 3 Pro 

- Mini 3 

DJI ND Filters Set (ND 16/64/256) 

 Adapt to strong lighting conditions with ND16/64/256 filters and always be ready for the perfect shot.

Meets the needs of scenarios when shooting long exposure or in harsh lighting, e.g., long exposure time-lapse.

360° Propeller Guard 

The lightweight 360° Propeller Guard fully surrounds the propellers to avoid injury or damage and improve flight safety.


Wide Angle Lens 

Get more in each scene with the Wide-Angle Lens, expanding the photo FOV from 81.5° to 114° and video FOV from 75° to 100° (16:9).
Mini 3/4 Propellers 

These Propellers for Mini 3 Pro/Mini 4 Pro from DJI are specially made to increase aerodynamic efficiency and thrust while reducing noise. You get four pairs of propellers, which equates to eight individual blades, as well as the hardware needed to install them. These propellers are also compatible with Mini 4 Pro. 



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