NightHawk Spotlight Floodlight

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Product Type: LED / Lights

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NightHawk Spotlight Floodlight for Mavic 2, Inspire 1 or 2, Matrice 100 200 210

This light comes with mounts for DJI Inspire 1 or 2, or Matrice 200 210 series aircraft, or Mavic 2 which allows you to mount the included light. 


  • 300 Lumen Waterproof Spotlight
  • Flexibility to mount additional lights or Cameras (360, Thermal etc) (not on Mavic). 
  • Light can be mounted on top, bottom or sides
  • Rechargeable

Comes with one 300 Lumen waterproof light with charge cable and one Multi Function mount for Mavic 2, Inspire or Matrice 200 series (choose your preferred option). 


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