Drone Legends STEM Classroom Education Fundamentals

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Bring STEM drone activities to your school by leveraging the Drone Legends after school turnkey curriculum. The Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals program contains everything you need to implement a winning drone program to enrich the youth of tomorrow. This is ideal for classroom, gymnasium and other indoor enrichment programs. Summer camp coordinators, after-school activities, specials interactive programs, club organizations,  camps, and others around the world enjoy this out of the box hands-on learning experience. for anytime learning-based fun!

Get comprehensive discipline coverage with Drone Legend's standards-aligned program, then forge beyond STEM into the world of social emotional learning (SEL). Facilitators support students in real-world activities where they must advance through drone missions, problem solve, think creatively, and work together. Reinforce all of the big ideas, bringing out the inner Legend in each learner.


  • Grades: 4-8
  • Student Size: Up to 18
  • Student Groups: 3-4 per drone
  • Lesson Scenarios: 10 (more available)
  • Education Contact Time: 20 Hours


  •     Drone piloting
  •     Real-world drone applications
  •     Science and math applications
  •     Engineering design process
  •     Aerial video and editing
  •     Introduction to visual-based coding
  •     Coding concepts: loops, functions, 3D coordinates

As a Drone Legends member you and your staff are entitled to gain access to unlimited professional development training material over the designated subscription period. The program is offered virtually over Zoom, 4x per month on average. All instructors are advised to take two different development professional development tracks: Technology and Curriculum. Each session is 2 hours and hosted by a live Drone Legends instructor. Your success is vitally important to the Drone Legends. Influential Drones endorses Drone Legends because they are with you every step of the way!


  • Subscription: 1 or 2 Years
  • Hardware: Select With or Without Drones

Drone Legends suggests 1 drone for every group of 3 (ideal) to 4 kids. If you require extra drones, please call us for a custom quote. +1 (856) 281-7545


  • 12x Student Mission Guides
  • 6x Operations Manuals
  • 2x Educator Lesson Planners
  • 12x Student Safety Cards on Lanyards
  • 36x Drone Legends pilot wing pins
  • 100x Drone Legends stickers
  • Annual access to DL Educator Portal
    (slides, videos, worksheets, and more)
  • 12 month unlimited Professional Development
    (4x Zoom sessions w/live instructor available ea. month)


  • 1x 158pcs construction builder set
  • 8x Launch/land pads
  • 24x 1.25in Spiky Hedge Balls (for flip missions!)
  • 6x 3D printed flip cups + STL print file to print your own!
  • 10x 120 Inches/300cm, measuring tapes
  • 24x mini koala animal clips
  • 24x Mechanical pencils
  • 8x Sticky Notes
  • 12x Clipboards
  • 12x Safety goggles
  • 6x 6-quart storage bins




  • 5x Tello Boost Combo (drone, 3X batteries, 3-port battery charger, USB cord, 1X set of 4 replacement propellers)
  • 10x Tello spare batteries
  • 10x Tello replacement propellers (pack of 4)
  • 5x Tello replacement propeller guards (pack of 4)



What support is offered to the Educator?

  • 12 month unlimited Professional Development
  • customer support
  • An active online community for fresh teaching ideas

What happens if a drone accidentally breaks? 
Drone Legends has you covered. For a small fee your products can be replaced or repaired.








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