Drone Flight Tape & Clips Kit

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Drone Flight Tape & Clips Kit by Hoodman USA

This Kit combines tape and clips sold together to warn passer byers to steer clear of your active drone flight area. 

Drone Tape Clips support movable Drone Flight Zone Tape boundaries. Wire cone inserts hold barricade tape at the top of the traffic cones to define boundaries that alert people to stand clear of. Galvanized spring steel wire inserts are rustproof and universally mount in all 3" or less traffic cone holes.

  • Lightweight, reusable 

Drone Flight Zone Tape lets you clearly mark boundaries for drone ground operations to keep pedestrians out of your area. Works great with traffic cones and drone tape clips. The bright orange tape is printed in black ink with the lines "Drone Flight Zone Stand Clear" and Drone Silhouettes repeating every 33".

  • Extra tough, 4 Mil 250 ft roll by 3" wide of non-adhesive tape

Note: These can be sold separately also. Call for price. Does not include cones or launch pad

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