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INTRODUCTION > This phase generally includes a substantial investment in advertising and a marketing campaign focused on making consumers aware of the product and its benefits.   

GROWTH > If the product is successful, it then moves to the growth stage. This is characterized by growing demand, an increase in production, and expansion in its availability.

MATURITY > This is the most profitable stage, while the costs of producing and marketing decline. 

DECLINE > A product takes on increased competition as other companies emulate its success—sometimes with enhancements or lower prices. The product may lose market share and begin its decline.


EOP (End of Production) the product has been discontinued

EOA (End of Availability) sales by manufacturer are discontinued, product may still be available through authorized dealers who have inventory

EOD (End of Development) manufacturer will no longer provide software updates unless there’s a security issue that needs to be addressed  

EOS (End of Service) manufacturer will no longer provide maintenance or tech support   

N/A (Not Applicable)  

TBD (Date to be decided)


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