Gremsy Gimbal T3 for Sony Airpeak

Gremsy Gimbal T3 for Sony Airpeak

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* Gimbal ONLY, Camera and lens sold separately


  • A gimbal customized exclusively for Airpeak that can be equipped with Alpha cameras
  • Easy to put on and take off with quick release by pre-setup
  • IMU (inertial measurement unit) that takes temperature control into consideration realizes gimbal control that is not affected by outside air temperature.

Dimensions: Approx. 237mm x 184mm x 288mm (with Quick Release)

Dimensions of Camera Cage
Maximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate:Approx.100mm Maximum height measured from top of camera base plate:Approx.120mm
Maximum width:Approx.152mm

Gimbal Weight
Approx. 2 lb 8.2 oz Approx. 3 lb 1.4 oz (with damper plate and cables)

Rotation Range
Mechanical Endpoint Range
Pan: ±345°, Tilt: ±150°, Roll: +80° to -264°
Controlled Rotation Range
Pan: ±345°, Tilt: ±120°, Roll: ±45°
User Controllable Rotation Range (with Airpeak S1)
Pan: ±340°, Tilt: +45° to -115°, Roll: ±25°

Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed
Pan: 180°/s, Tilt: 180°/s, Roll: 180°/s

T3 for Airpeak (w/ Hot Shoe Adapter, Top Camera Screw) ×1 Camera Plate ×1 Micro USB Cable ×1 Hot Shoe Extention×1 Damping Plate (w/ Quick-release)×1 Mounting Screws×10 (Include Spare 2 pieces) Allen Key× 1




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